BarHoppingUSA is a National, private, promotional awareness, Advertising Company. We are sponsored by, area restaurants, lounges, night clubs, DJ's, Beer distributors, limo services, taxi services, churches, community groups, mothers, fathers, and friends of friends who drink & drive.

We are getting the word out through college campuses and alcohol beverage servers, private or state owned, via T-Shirts, sweatshirts, bumper stickers and window decals, Don't Drink & Drive . . . Hop A Ride.

These products are designed to support the mission of reducing traffic accidents, fatalities, injuries and resulting property damage. In order to meet the responsibilities, BarHoppingUSA has developed strategic goals which are outlined on this website.

Our mission is to make sure every state licensed alcohol server in the industry has within their establishment  an awareness program to the public as to the responsibilities of drinking and driving. We strive to prevent or limit the liabilities to our alcohol beverage server by increasing the awareness to the general public. The program is designed to pay for itself in a very short period of time.


Below are statistics from the U.S. Department of Transportation - National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Washington, D.C..


• In 2014, there were 9,967 fatalities in motor vehicle traffic crashes involving a driver with a BAC of .08 g/dL or higher; this was 31 percent of total traffic fatalities for the year.

• An average of 1 alcohol-impaired driving fatality occurred every 53 minutes in 2014.

• The estimated economic cost of alcohol-impaired-driving crashes in the United States in 2010 (the most recent year for which cost data is available) was $44 billion.

• Of the traffic fatalities among children 14 and younger in 2014, 19 percent occurred in alcoholimpaired- driving crashes.

• In 2014, the 21- to 24-year-old age group had the highest percentage of drivers with BACs of .08 g/dL or higher (30%) in fatal crashes.

• The percentage of drivers with BACs of .08 g/dL or higher in fatal crashes in 2014 was highest for motorcycle riders (29%), compared to passenger cars (22%), light trucks (22%), and large trucks (2%).

• The rate of alcohol impairment among drivers involved in fatal crashes in 2014 was almost four times higher at night than during the day.

• Among the 9,967 alcohol-impaired driving fatalities in 2014, 69 percent (6,852) were in crashes in which at least one driver in the crash.


Alcohol Impaired Driving - NHTSA Traffic Safety Fact Sheets